Epistolio is able to engineer robots and customized solutions to paint chairs, window frames, doors, assembled forniture, profiled panels and edges of panels on stack, coffins and any kind of wood components.

Secondo le esigenze dei clienti, i robot Epistolio possono essere installati:

  • On rotating carousel
  • On aerial or reversed conveyors (existing or new)
  • On rollers and chains conveyors
  • On belt conveyor systems
  • On customized handling systems

Grazie alla nostra esperienza ed a quella dei nostri partner specializzati, la nostra azienda è in grado di studiare e fornire soluzioni di verniciatura complete. Il robot può essere integrato ed equipaggiato con assi esterni motorizzati (7° asse) e con qualsiasi sistema di alimentazione di vernice comprensivo di pompe, pistole e gruppi di cambio colore.

Thanks to our experience and our partnerships with specialized partners, our company is also able to design and provide complete painting solutions for wooden furniture industry.

Our painting robots can be integrated and equipped with external motorized axes (7th  axis) and with any paint supply system which includes pumps, guns, and automatic color change groups.

On the other hand, the robot WINSIX is recommended for the painting of windows and doors, kitchen cabinet doors, edges in stacks, coffins or in any other application where is required a large working area, a high quality finishing or integrated with vision systems for the automatic recognition and detection of the pieces.