Outsourcing in purchasing. How to have a sole source where to concentrate the orders of goods and services coming from a large number of different suppliers. This is the way to allow the Customer to cut the inside expenses related to the internal purchasing cycle and to get high benefits in pricing.

The cut of the cost of the internal purchasing cycle is made of:

• Lower number of ordersIMG_20140116_105308
• Monthly invoicing and settlement
• Consolidated shipments
• Strong cut in paperwork
• Timeliness in quotation
• Technical direct investigation at Client’s production facilities to identify products
• Full responsability

The economical efficiency of this process is the result of the actions of the outsourcer regarding:

• Economies of scale: the outsourcer buys the same materials for multiple Customers
• Minimization of delivery times: the outsourcer can buy for its stock and can have the materials always available
• Reduction of transport costs: the outsourcer groups many orders in a unique delivery
• Payments: the Customer can arrange a single payment to the outsourcer
• Currencies: the outsourcer itself absorbs the fluctuation of the currencies.

Epistolio Srl is deeply skilled in supplying components, equipments and spare parts in the electric, electronic and electromechanical field. Epistolio’s outsourcing approach is therefore technical, made by technicians used to talk to the Customer’s technicians.

We are used to have a direct relationships with the Client’s production and maintenance departments to highlight the technical feautures of the supplies and to be immediately involved in the prioritary technicians’ needs.

Many of the most important Italian and international industrial groups are already working with us!!

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