The complete satisfaction of customers’ requests is the primary objective of Epistolio S.r.l that works since 2000 in the commercialization of electronic instruments, electrical and mechanical components and industrial products for process control.

Epistolio S.r.l. is a well-established firm that, through sensible policy focused around a global service to customers, has been able to gain a leading role in its industry.

Through flexible supply of products and services always fulfilling customers’ requests, Epistolio S.r.l. expresses its ability to meet customer expectations in a timely manner, combined with a strong predisposition to collaborative solutions to problems, as well as the ability to face future needs and expectations in an increasingly dynamic context.

•To improve continuously the qualities of product and services and increase customer satisfaction.
•To consolidate the image of a company focused on quality, modernity, competitiveness, collaboration and preservation of customers, employees and all stakeholders’ interests
•To establish a solid base for sustainable development

Epistolio S.r.l. adopted, for the commercialization process, a Quality Assurance System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 that certifies the strong commitment for the company towards a continuous improvement of the organization, promoting inside and outside the Company, a culture based on prevention.

The management, to fulfill these objectives:

•Records and review all information concerning internal and external facts that can influence the company.
•Identifies internal and external stakeholders and reviews their interests and requirements
•Grants the monitoring of all company process through measurable parameters
•Promotes the awareness of a process approach based on risks assessment
•Spreads among its employees the mindset of continuous improvement, in the belief that quality should be a goal shared by all business functions.
•Assigns jobs and responsibilities according to capacities and experiences to strengthen collaboration between employees and to create a positive atmosphere aimed at reaching shared objectives.
•Develops knowledge of the staff through continuous training
•Implements or enhances tools to create a more effective communication and to build appropriate information channels internally and externally, in particular towards customers and suppliers, recognizing internal and external communication as a driving factor for achieving the company goals.
•Guarantees compliance with Law Decree 81/08 and Regulation EU 2016/679.
•Implements, communicates and keeps available to everyone the quality policy.

The Management considers this policy a concrete answer to the growing Quality needs of the market and it allows Epistolio S.r.l to continue to look at the future with confidence.