The complete satisfaction of the demands of its customers is the primary objective of Epistolio Srl

Through the provision of products corresponding to all requirements and continuous improvement of business processes and an agile and timely service quality , our Company expresses its strong predisposition to the collaborative solution of the problems , however they arise .

In order to achieve and consolidate these important results , Epistolio proposes to :

    • Maintain a Quality Assurance System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 regarding the “Distribution of electric, electronic, electromechanical and mechanical instrumentation for the control of industrial processes”.qualita
    • Spread among its employees the mindset of continuous improvement, in the belief that quality should be a goal shared by all business functions;
    • Develop professional staff through continuous training / instructional;
    • Create appropriate channels of information internally and to customers and suppliers;
    • Expanding on an ongoing basis the market outlook and Customers portfolio by developing new distribution channels , pausing with a particular focus on those countries that are still developing;
    • Operate with the utmost care , in order to reduce the environmental impact by controlling the energy consumption and the improvement of waste management , improving as much as possible their differentiation , thereby increasing the amount to be allocated to recycling;
    • The Management of the company intends to vigorously pursue these objectives and is also convinced that their achievement is possible to the extent that they will be participatory and shared by all its employees , empowered for that purpose;

Ultimately, such a response to the growing needs of the market will allow  Epistolio to continue to look to the future with serenity and confidence.