The applications of Epistolio robots for metal are both on liquid and powder painting plants. The typical powder coating line in which our robots are installed is composed of an air conveyor system in which the pieces move continuously or step by step.

The robot is able to replace a manual operator, ensuring high levels of productivity and quality, or it can work as an integration of the reciprocators, adjusting the parts that don’t remain completely painted.

Based on the customer needs, Epistolio robots can be installed on:

    • On rotating carousels
    • In front of aerial or ground conveyor (new or existant)
    • On roller or chains transport system
    • On belt transport system
    • On customized movement system

    Thanks to our experience and that of our specialized partners, our company is able to study and provide complete painting solution. the robot can be integrated an equipped with external motorized axis (7th axe) and with any paint supply system including pumps, guns and color change groups.

    Generally is used the MRK model, self-teaching programmed, for the painting of various tridimensional particulars for shape and dimension. In this cases, the robot can be equipped with an electrostatic gun, in order to drastically decrease the paintingtimes and the product consumption.