ABB, one of the world’s leading engineering groups, helps its customers to use electricity efficiently, increase industrial productivity and reduce environmental impact in a sustainable manner. ABB employs more than 150,000 employees in more than 100 countries and invests over $ 1.4 billion in R&D by collaborating with more than 8,000 scientists and 70 universities.

EPISTOLIO is recognized from ABB as an ABB Value Provider, or as a technical distributor able to offer our customers the best solutions for sales and technical support, thanks to a dedicated technical training, a deep cooperation with ABB and a timely local offer

HMI, PLC, frequency converters in low and medium voltage, servodrivers and ABB servomotors are a part of EPISTOLIO offer. In fact, local presence, customer support, technical support, experience and availability allow us to offer a real added value for manufacturers, integrators and end users. From us you can expect the ability to understand your business, your processes and your needs. Our specialized experts, possibly in collaboration with ABB, will show you the best way to achieve cost-effective solutions.

Our technical expertise will prove to be useful starting from the choice of the most appropriate unit and its sizing to arrive at the commissioning. Wherever you are in the world, you can count on our support. Specifically, if you are a machine manufacturer, ABB’s global structure could become an indispensable part of your customer service.


Writing the future of digital requires skill. ABB Ability ™.
ABB Ability ™ is our integrated digital offering that spans all industrial sectors and extends from the single component to the cloud, with products, systems, solutions, services and a platform that allows our customers to know more and do more and better together.

Until now it was too expensive to permanently monitor low voltage motors
As a result most work until they break, now:

Low voltage frequency converters

ABB offers the widest selection of low voltage frequency converters, from 0.18 to 5600 kW, compared to any other manufacturer. These frequency converters are a reference point for reliability, simplicity, flexibility and practicality throughout the entire life cycle.


ABB offers a complete portfolio of variable speed frequency converters and soft starters for medium voltage applications in the power range between 250 kW and 100 MW. These converters can be used in a wide range of applications in various industrial sectors, including the paper, metallurgical, shipbuilding, mining, cement, energy, chemical, hydrocarbon and water treatment industries.


ABB offers a complete and scalable PLC platform based on CoDeSys IEC61131-3 and PLCopen suitable for all automation activities, from the simplest to the most complex.

The AC500 series ABB PLCs offer different I / O, all the main fieldbus interfaces and a wide range of powerful CPU modules. Integrated internet technology enables remote programming, maintenance and many other activities. The AC500-XC series is the ideal choice for extreme conditions (XC) for applications in the naval, wind, solar, vibrating machine and wastewater treatment sectors. Furthermore the offer includes the AC500- safety PLC

Electric Motors

ABB offers a complete range of high-efficiency motors and generators for all industrial applications and supports all industries in achieving higher levels of efficiency and energy savings even in the most difficult conditions. Thanks to high-quality and high-tech material, ABB electric motors and generators are designed to operate efficiently and reliably within any application and process, ensuring a low product life cost.

In addition to completing the ABB range:


Motore IP67

Energy Efficiency

An appreciable portion of the electricity used in Italy is absorbed by the motor systems and it accounts for about 75 per cent . ABB aims to increase industrial productivity and efficiency of its customers in respect of environmental impact through simple and concrete proposals , which could achieve rapid and measurable benefits not only in terms of energy costs, but also productivity , materials , operating costs and maintenance. Alongside high-efficiency motors and frequency converters , with a view of an integrated offer, ABB offers services and tools that help clients to identify opportunities for savings and to increase the efficiency of their plants.