The MARU series feeders are augers feeders used for the dosage of masterbatches and granules additives. Driven by brushless motor, they ensure an high dosing precision even at very low flow rates. They are available in both volumetric and gravimetric weight loss versions.

Thanks to an innovative screws replacing system, they allow to carry out cleaning and flow change operations very quickly; the same feeder is in fact able to manage flow rates from 500 gr / h to over 400 Kg / h.

Main Technical Features:

  • Touch-screen Interface panel for setting and displaying production recipes;
  • Network interface for data exchange with extruder supervisor;
  • Internet remote assistance;
  • Its compact shape ensure minimum dimensions and ease of installation;
  • Available with four sizes of interchangeable screws, to be selected depending on the capacity;
  • Powered by a brushless motor;
  • High-resolution steel load cell;
  • Possibility of integration in a single group, with VLADY and MARIUS feeders.