To meet today’s market needs and offer a complete range of products, from the long experience of EPISTOLIO’s technical staff in continuous Loss-in-Weight dosing, the innovative Batch Feeder – KYARA is born.
The KYARA feeder consists of a chassis modular able to manage from 1 to 6 products and is able to ensure the maximum precision of the weighs in a wide range of values starting from grams up to the order of kilos. The high dosage accuracy, combined with the ease of manual unloading for cleaning, make this feeder the starting point for a new generation in continuous dosing.

Main Technical Features:

  • Completely digital;
  • On-board or remote tuoch-screen panel for setting and displaying production recipes;
  • Network interfaces for data exchange with extruder;
  • Internet remote assistance;
  • Extruder flow control;
  • Kit for quick addition of one or more additional stations;
  • Available with one or more stations in the “high temperature” version;
  • Available with one or more stations for ground materials and with difficult fluency;
  • Customizable to meet your every need.