The outsourcing of purchases, that is the channeling on a single supplier of low-rotation material orders coming from occasional suppliers, allows the customer company to realize at the same time strong managerial efficiencies and great economic effectiveness.

The management efficiencies are represented by the set of cost reductions related to the internal supplying process of the company:

  • Number of orders issued contraction
  • Monthly summary billing
  • Comprehensive invoice settlement
  • Transport consolidation
  • Reduction of paper documentation
  • Timeliness in responses
  • Resolving on its own the technical issues related to product identification
  • One responsible interface.

Economic effectiveness is the result of the outsourcer’s specialized and flexible action:

  • Economies of scale: the outsourcer purchases the same materials for numerous customers
  • Flexibility: the outsourcer buys where there is competitiveness
  • Reduced delivery times: the outsourcer buys in stock and has adequate stocks
  • Transport economics: the outsourcer consolidates orders in a single solution
  • Payments: the outsourcer agrees to uniform payment terms
  • Currencies: the outsourcer absorbs currency fluctuations on its own.

Epistolio Srl was born as a company highly specialized in supplying equipment, components and spare parts in the electrical, electronic and electromechanical sector and, in proposing the outsourcing service, jealously preserves the character of a company of technicians who are used to working with the customer’s technicians. Our habit is to interact with the Customer’s production and maintenance departments to identify the technical characteristics of the supplies and to be directly involved in the quality requirements and in the time frames of the operating department.

Many of the most important Italian industrial groups have already turned to us !!!