In the field of plastic Epistolio offers various types of solutions, depending on the needs of the customer.

We have simple solutions, with the robot spraying on pieces positioned on a four arms rotating carousel or entirely automatic solutions with the robot placed on lines with a conveyor on the ground, with the aim to obtain a constant quality of the finishing and with the minimum waste of paint.

Our machines are widely used in automotive industry (car parts and motorcycle), in the field of home appliances and furniture components.

6 axis Robot MRK 6.1 with self-learning and integrated external turnpieces  (7th axe), mounted on a painting line for plastic components

The painting robot MRK 6.1 and WINSIX are the best solutionfor the painting of plastic products. Simplicity of programming, flexibility, accuracy and precision for a quality painting. Ready for 4.0 Industry integration.