The MARIUS series gravimetric weight loss feeders are widely used in the continuous dosing of packing powders and with low fluency. These are screw dosers, available both in the single screw and twin screw version, with bridge breakers and screws designed according to the materials to be dosed.

The different sizes allow to cover a wide range of flow rates, from a few Kg / h to over 500 Kg / h. The use of inverter technology to control the motor of the screws allows obtaining an excellent dosage accuracy (precision <0.5%). In the “compound” version they are completely removable, so that they can be easily cleaned for a recipe change in a very short time.

Main Technical Features:

  • Touch-screen Interface panel for setting and displaying production recipes;
  • Network interface for data exchange with extruder supervisor;
  • Internet remote assistance;
  • Interchangeable and removable screws with bayonet coupling;
  • Integrated bridge breaker;
  • Available in “compound” version for easy and quick cleaning;
  • Possibility of integration in a single group, with VLADY and MARU feeders;