Our VLADY series loss-in-weight vibrating channel feeders have been developed during years of experience in the gravimetric dosing of granules, flakes and regrind materials.

The VLADY model can be supplied as a single doser or as a multi-component dosing unit, from 2 to 8 components, with integrated or separate control cabinet, in order to achieve the maximum flexibility and meet all Customer needs. 

Each component of a VLADY group is composed by a set of LIW feeder. Each of them conveys the material separately and indipendently inside a collecting hopper or directly into the feeding mouth of the extruder. As an option, each VLADY group can also include a set of refill hoppers for the storage of material,  which are also customizable in size, geometry and configuration.

VLADY groups are widely used in starved-mouth dosage of twin-screw extruders, where high levels of accuracy are required ensuring the highest level of performance at both fixed and variable Set Points.

Main Technical Features:

  • Interface with touch-screen panel for setting and displaying production recipes;
  • Network interface for data exchange with extruder supervisor;
  • Internet remote assistance;
  • Vibration feedback via accelerometer sensor;
  • Extruder flow synchronization;
  • Available with one or more components in “high temperature” version;
  • Available with one or more MARU batchers for dosing of masterbatches and additives;
  • Available with one or more MARIUS auger stations for powder dosage;
  • Extremely versatile in any type of material dosing.


The many years of experience in the field of continuous gravimetric dosing is the basis of the innovative control system, based on Siemens technology, which ensure the maximum reliability and precision in execution. The interface via HMI panel or touch-screen computer has been specifically designed to allow you to have an eye on a single screen with everything related to the operation of a single feeder. On the recipe composition dedicated page are shown in real time both the value set in Kg / h and the real value of the flow rate of each component. All of our weight loss feeder can work at a fixed or variable set-point, if the flow rate value is generated instantaneously by the extrusion pump. The HMI interface can be customized to meet any need. The control and regulation system ensure an accuracy from +/- 0.25% to 0.5% (2 sigma), depending on the materials to be dosed.