With the incorporation of the historic company Bimac, Epistolio Srl acquires the fundamental know-how in the design and construction of customized internal transport systems.

The company, always providing cutting-edge solutions with regard to the handling of goods and company logistics, makes the quality of its services the strong point of its offer and deals entirely with the design and construction of roller conveyors, belts, catenaries and other internal transport systems.

The company guarantees a personalized response to every need of the customer, guaranteeing flexible interventions and craftsmanship.

The high quality of the materials, the wide range of products offered, the speed of delivery and the effective after-sales service have always distinguished the company and have made it one of the leading companies in the production of internal transport systems throughout Northern Italy.


Good company logistics must take into account not only the level of automation of the individual machines, but also the degree of product movement between machine and machine.

Optimizing the timing and yield of the production cycle involves the integration of the work of the operational, packaging and warehouse departments.

Epistolio is able to operate in this sector solving the problem related to handling in companies of all kinds.

His specific skills range from the handling of incoming and outgoing goods, to the transport of the finished product. In particular, the company deals with the production of:

  • roller shutter conveyors
  • belt conveyors
  • mechanical conveyors
  • roller conveyors
  • chain conveyors
  • motorized roller conveyors
  • belt conveyors
  • conveyor belts



We are able to offer a wide range of modern roller conveyors with an innovative design, able to satisfy the most varied production needs.

Constantly updated on the latest industry news, Epistolio’s staff is able to develop cutting-edge solutions, responding to the most specific needs of the client.

In addition to roller conveyors, the company also offers a wide range of belts for conveyors and elevators.


With our range of belts for mechanical and non-mechanical conveyors, we are able to ensure our customers efficient performance in all circumstances, from transport to sorting.

Our noses can also be equipped with a wide range of accessories including cutters, metal detectors etc …


We are also specialized in the production of chains, made with the best materials offered by the market.

The work team follows the realization of the chains at every stage, taking care of every aspect in order to create products that guarantee high quality standards and are perfectly responsive to the requests made by the customer.

Miscellaneous plants

Epistolio is also able to deal with the design and implementation of totally customized systems and systems.

Studying innovative formulas and in line with the highest industry standards, the company’s staff always guarantees high-level realizations, able to respond to the most specific needs of customers.

Among the plants designed by the company are:

  • motorized and/or frictioned roller conveyors for transporting boxes, pallets, etc.
  • chain conveyor systems with loads up to 5000 kg/meter
  • conveyor belts for the most varied needs
  • end-of-line systems for shipping products integrated with strapping, taping, weighing, labeling and sorting systems
  • complex systems for tending of production machines with piece-through, accumulation, sorting and recovery at the end of the processing cycle
  • loaders/elevators with high capacity, tilters with rotation up to 180 degrees, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic lifts
  • continuous floor elevators for large hourly flow rates
  • shredder servo systems for metal, plastic, wood etc.
  • special folding belts for transport on vehicles
  • freight elevators for storage