Ease of use, flexibility, maximum possibility of customization.
These are the main features of the MRK painting robot family.


MULTIPLE PROGRAMMING SYSTEMS. Our MRK 6.1 robot can be programmed through self-learning, for an easy and fast painting of complex shapes objects, or by point to point, for a more accurate painting on geometrically simple pieces. Our robotic arms are built with very light but resistant materials and are pneumatically balanced, in order to achieve high levels of maneuverability in the programming phase.

VARIOUS ROBOT CONFIGURATION. The MRK painting robot can be integrated with multiple devices which are engineered and produced by EPISTOLIO Srl. These devices include carousels systems, external carriages and rotation devices.

DIFFERENT ARMS LENGTH. The same robot model can be produced with different arms length, in order to perfectly fit with the dimension of the pieces to be painted and the available space in the spraying booth.

SUPERIOR MANEUVERABILITY. The robot arms are built with very light but strong materials and are pneumatically balanced in order to achieve high levels of maneuverability during the programming stage


The self-learning programming is simple and practical, thanks to the use of an ergonomic joystick appropriately designed and complete with programmable buttons, which allows a single operator to manage the programming from the spraying point.


Our multilingual software that manages the robot has been entirely developed within our company and can be customized to perfectly meet the needs of customers. It also includes a module for production management with statistics and usage data of the robot. All the robots are supplied with a touch-screen industrial PC, to obtain a practical and intuitive management of all the machine’s functions.


The MRK 6.1 robot can be built with different lengths of the arms, in order to adapt perfectly to the size of the pieces to be painted and the space available in the spray booth. It can be integrated with multiple automatic devices, designed and produced by Epistolio Srl. These devices include Station carousel systems, part rotation devices, robot translation axes, and robots integrated with new or existing (customised) part transportation systems.